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Effective recovery tools for corrupted files

All Recovery Inc. offers a broad range of advanced solutions for instant hassle-free recovery of data from damaged files of various formats.

Is there an Adobe Illustrator recovery tool out there? Yes, there is!

Illustrator Recovery Kit - fast and accurate tool that knows how to recover corrupt Illustrator file data

Illustrator Recovery Kit (download) is a perfect solution for users looking for the answer to the question “Is there an Adobe Illustrator recovery tool I could use right away to restore the results of my work?” This compact and intuitive tool efficiently opens damaged AI files, allows the user to preview their content and restore it to a safe location – no experience or deep understanding of the recovery process needed!

  • Restores damaged AI documents during Adobe Illustrator file recovery in crash situations
  • Supports Illustrator files of all versions
  • Uses artificial intelligence for graphical content reconstruction and integrity check
  • Contains many specific fixes for logical errors provoked by erroneous work of graphic editors
  • Uses data swapping while recovery for saving memory
  • Saves recovered data into a new Illustrator file
  • Features an intuitive user interface suitable for anyone who doesn’t know how to recover Illustrator file of Illustrator of any version

Illustrator Recovery Kit is an obvious choice for users seeking any good app for the recovery of an Illustrator file. The program features a very user-friendly interface that takes less than a minute to get used to and demonstrates unparalleled recovery efficiency in the most serious cases of data corruption. Thanks to the built-in wizard, file recovery turns into a smooth and fully automated process, minimizing your involvement and the risk of making a mistake.

“How to recover Illustrator files if my computer crashes?” – this is the question that any professional must know the answer to prior to starting a serious project. This compact, yet powerful software has the answer and knows how to recover corrupt illustrator file data better than all other products on the market.

Disclaimer: Please note that Illustrator Recovery Kit is not open source software or a free tool. The product is provided on the try-before-you-buy basis and has a free trial version. Illustrator Recovery Kit is not licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The developers of All Recovery Inc have always positioned it as commercial software and never considered making it freeware due to the limited size of the potential audience. The pricing policy, however, is quite reasonable and makes the product affordable for everyone seeking a reliable Adobe Illustrator fix tool.

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