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Effective recovery tools for corrupted files

All Recovery Inc. offers a broad range of advanced solutions for instant hassle-free recovery of data from damaged files of various formats.

A powerful AutoCAD DWG recovery utility for users of all skill levels

DWG Recovery Kit - a power-packed AutoCAD drawing recovery tool with a super-intuitive UI

Having problems with a damaged AutoCAD file? Feeling desperate because you don’t have a single idea how to recover a corrupted DWG file in AutoCAD 6? DWG Recovery Kit (download) is a perfect solution for fast and hassle-free restoration of data from corrupted *.dwg files.

Below are the main features of this AutoCAD DWG recovery utility:

  • Full support of all major versions of the DWG file format: 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2010 (AutoCAD 2000 – AutoCAD 2012). Such versatility allows the user to recover DWG AutoCAD data from old archived files and files saved a few days ago with equal efficiency.
  • Unparalleled simplicity. The interface of the program is based on a step-by-step recovery wizard that turns the entire process in a series of confirmation clicks. DWG Recovery Kit is so easy that even an office manager with no serious IT background can use it to restore a DWG drawing.
  • Automatic detection of the version of the file being recovered. You don’t really need to adjust the recovery settings to ensure maximum recovery efficiency from a particular file version – this will be done automatically by this autocadrecover tool.
  • Additional recovery settings for fine-tuning the recovery of file data.
  • Integrated preview of file contents with zooming and image rotation.
  • Recovery of data directly to AutoCAD with a possibility to choose the destination copy of AutoCAD in case several ones are installed on the user’s system.

The AutoCAD DWG recovery software requires absolutely no data recovery experience, knowledge of the AutoCAD storage format or any special skills, thus making it a perfect choice for non-professionals seeking a way to get back to work with their files within minutes from a data corruption incident. This AutoCAD recovery tool for corrupt DWG files is based on a uniquely powerful proprietary file analysis engine that has no problems processing files that other similar tools fail to open.

Disclaimer: DWG Recovery Kit cannot be viewed as open source software or a free tool. The product is provided on the try-before-you-buy basis and comes with a free trial version. DWG Recovery Kit is not licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The developers of All Recovery Inc have spent considerable time making this product and never had an intention to make it a free tool. The pricing policy, however, is reasonable and makes the product affordable for everyone.

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